Resurrection Revealings

Tune: Repton

(\'Dear Lord and Father of mankind\')

John Chapter 20 parts


John\'s Gospel Series (25)

The last line of each verse is repeated.


At Jesus\' resurrection

He sure the risen one

He showed to Mary, she did know

Though weeping, then filled with joy so

In Him her faith did grow (x2)


To the disciples He appeared

Though they were scared and feared

\'Peace be unto you\', He did say

He ever still the Life, Truth, Way

Unto eternal day (x2)


Then to Thomas He did show

While still on earth below

His hands, His feet, His side thus seen

Whence once unto death He had been

Now flourish hearts, lives, green* (x2)


For blessed are they that have not seen

Him, on Him they trust, lean

Not seen Him, yet have believed sure

And they Him worship and adore

For ever, evermore (x2)


* Green is seen as a colour symbolising grace.