Restoring Redeemer

Tune: Quem Pastores Laudevere

(\'Jesus, good above all other\')

John 21 v.15-17


John\'s Gospel Series (26)


Jesus said to Peter three times

\'Do you love me\', through all life\'s rhymes

Peter said, Lord, yes I love you

This be my affection true


\'Feed my sheep, my lambs\', the reply

Jesus said, do not them deny

Though I twice ask agapeo

Third time I ask phileo


For Peter there each time did say

I phileo you Lord, each day

Both expressions of love, but they

Differ in each others way


Agapeo, it be to choose

Strong devotion never to lose

To love, to commit, it fully

Shows love sacrificially


Phileo, it be love between

Friends and relatives, though still keen

Love, yet based on relationships

Filial, but none worships


And in phileo there sure be

Emotional attachments see

But Jesus from Peter accepts

Phileo love, no regrets


\'Feed my sheep, my lambs\', Jesus says

Tend and care for them through the days

And when to heaven I ascend

The Spirit I all you send