Mine Impossible Self Educating Mission...

Finds muss elf facing Lenovo

(external Macbook

Pro screen) whoosh\'n

with all manner

of thoughts cascading,

flowing and swoosh\'n

thru ma mind like

yoyo wing thoughts,

whether right now

aboot me late Russian

maternal grandfather,

who made a

lasting imp Prussian

though whose departure

more\'n deuce

score years ago,

nonetheless left

many a question

on me boyhood

memory, no matter

he predominantly talked

Yiddish with smidgen

of English peppering conversation

with scant sprinkling of

Anglo Saxon known to him

despite crossing ocean

as a scrappy young lad,

(and hightailing to America

as a possible stowaway)

for some notion

never told, hence I prevaricate

whipping oop tall tales

courtesy magic potion

of spellbinding words,

not the least bit concerned

freely falsifying any quotation,

cuz no paper trail

extant for citation,

nor other medium survived

attesting to birth family

of said relation

Morris (Moishe) Kuritsky,

his near half century ago

passing into oblivion,

sans after major life mission

emigrating to Ellis Island

bing faux scion of

attending sewing spool

as self taught

harried styled swift tailor

finding goo goo

doll young bride

(eighteen Earth orbitz

round the sun his junior),

she died during her late 50\'s

(during early nineteen sixties)

attributed to poor nutrition,

which definitely aggravated

by poor dentition

tooth fully, not

fondly remembered for

doting o\'er my mama

(the last born)

as favored offspring

at psychological expense

for beastly crush\'n

life source of two eldest daughters.