An Autumn Dance (adapted)

Adapted with permission

from a poem of same title by Lamb067


Tune: Lux Benigna

(\'Lead, kindly Light\')


Took upon, forced, a blustery Autumn dance

I saw by chance

Partnered in routine, sun\'s rays shimmering

Enchancements bring

Nature\'s pallet, abundant with shades all

Summer heat fades, we painted into Fall


Voives of the trees flirt to a scatter

Leaves lay flatter

On ground, but sporadic movement there be

And rustling free

Chitter chatter their sound, they to us come

With hopeful hearts through days, then guide us home


With disappointment we sweep them away

Their colours fray

Now comes a slow end unto Autumn\'s days

It goes its ways

As curtain falls and carpet coverings

All soft, deep leaves, Winter waits in the wings


So now the trees stand tall and bare and quiet

As if lost heart

Their voices not sound yet, till Spring\'s advent

They be patient

Though now howl of the Winter\'s ghose we\'ll hear

Promise of Spring again shall re-appear