Obedience Outcomes

Tune: Penuel

(\'Come, O Thou Traveller Unknown\')

Psalm 81 part


Sing aloud to God, He our strength

He does provide for us at length

Make joyful noise unto His name

He God of Jacob, e\'er the same

Take a psalm, and bring too hither

Pleasant harp, psaltery, lute, zither


Blow up the trumpet in new moon

And in feast days too at high noon

In solemn feast days praise Him give

He God always, does ever live

This for Israel was a statute

And a law, praise Him, pipe and lute


The people in their trouble called

He came to their help, it not stalled

But they would not hear, not obey

They chose to go their selfish way

O that my people me had heard

So they would prosper by my word


If they had heard, walked in my ways

I should have subdued in their days

Their enemies, they would turn back

Midst my people would be no lack

haters of the Lord, they would have turned

Against them the Lord\'s judgement burned


Then His people\'s time should have endured

His presence with them be assured

He should have fed then with fine wheat

And they should worship at His feet

With food He should have satisfied

Them, yes fo them He would provide