Christopher Aaron

A Long Time Ago

I’m longing for home, it’s been way too long

Have I forgotten your face

After being together for so long

Side by side in the very same place?

In the very beginning we both were together

You gave me directions - I took your suggestions

You sent me down so I could learn

All on my own; for that I yearned

Now one step down from that Celestial town

Every time I fall--- please be there when I call

I called you ‘Dad’ then, I call you Dad here,

I’ll call you Dad once again…but if it’s not any bother

Let me call you Father

Dear Father… my Mother I know you love Her

Will you please send good weather

For that great get together when time comes to an end

When our new life begins- and all things become new

We’ll bid the old life adieu- what will the new life bring?

We’ll fly on angel’s wings…please save a spot for us

If it’s not any fuss we’ll get on the bus

And take it to the end… I can’t wait to see you my friend—

dear Father



---c aaron