Trust And Abide

Tune: Ewing

(\'Jerusalem the golden\')

Psalm 125


They who do in the LORD trust

Though they be as mere dust

They shall be as mount Zion

The Lamb and the Lion

\'Tis the LORD, He will keep them

Each one they be His sheep

That mount cannot be removed

\'Tis certain and is proved


For it abides for ever

And insecure never

For as the mountains are round

Jerusalem, so found

Is the LORD, he round about

His people there, no doubt

From henceforth nad for ever

Nought from Him can sever


For the rule of the wicked

Shall not rest on the head

Of God\'s people, their land be

Allotted by Him, see

They righteous and protected

Not into evil led

Wicked not touch the righteous

The LORD He shall them bless


Do good, LORD, to those that be

Good, LORD look e\'en to me

And do good to the upright

They pleasing in your sight

Their hearts settled on you true

But such as evil do

The LORD shall lead them away

Though peace for Israel\'s days