He Left Me

He left me thinking it was my fault

He left me heartbroken

He left me in tears

Then the night he leaves me

He gets with her

It hurts


I don\'t know if I\'ll be okay

But it\'s only high school

It hurts

I\'m breaking

He left me for her

She\'s prettier

She\'s smarter

She has bigger boobs and butt


She\'s taller

I\'m shorter

Compared to her I\'m nothing

Nothing but trash

He left

Left me





I\'m shattered now


I let myself trust again and now I\'m hurt

He hurt me

He expects me to move on immediately

But I can\'t do that

It\'s hard

It\'s painful

Watching her stand in my place

Watching him kiss her like he kissed me

Watching him hold her close


If only I was better

If only he didn\'t leave

But he did

He left me