South Of The (United States) Border...

(Reigns A Welter Of Disorder)


Caravans comprising multitudinous

peoples plodded a steady course

analogous to iron filings drawn by

strong magnetic force

gravitational pull generated

by North America

an irresistible source,

which tug felt

nearly all the way round

webbed wide world beckoning

for waves of humanity

figuratively donned as spawning fish,

toward which currently dimming

beacon of democracy flickr

Trump might extinguish


though tis quite heart

breaking to experience

vicariously as one collective soul,

these desperate folks

ambitious to seek asylum,

(and eventual citizenship),

while this \"FAKE\" president

invents many a...holy SMOKES

outrageous, nefarious, and malicious

dagger o type cruel barbed wire

accusing, condemning, and emasculating,

(I could continue),

but ye dear reader would tire

unless individuals

affected by xenophobia

countenance same stance

as Commander in Chief,

or contrariwise some

like minded

thinkers, rack coon sitter

the migrant situation dire,

would effectively serve me

as preaching to

the Unitarian choir,

yet any sensate

person must admit

tis quite upsetting, lamenting,

and agonizing to witness

hordes of persons treated like

some pestilential

eyesore dagnabbit,

yes this chap can

endlessly spout flibbertigibbet,


though thee crux of my opinion,

inspires a poem express

sing supportive emotions

particularly acknowledging,

how these masses (thousands)

of vulnerable individuals

show true grit,

nonetheless yours truly,

would be hard pressed

for an immediate

humane solution to corral

this extensive kit

and caboodle, though this generic guy

with a poetic knack

shakes his noggin

watching armed flack

delivered from border patrol agents/

United States military, lack

restraint, and who outright attack

trespassers at point

blank range that pack,

a deadly (Judge Judy ish

huss) punch smack

king young ones

upside the head forcing

everyone to backtrack

to their homeland of

persecution by crack

headed gang members, which thugs

violently land a deadly whack!