Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

Requiem in Blue


Requiem in Blue

Into the twilight hour she flees; her tears,
stream as babbling brooks and yet her road -
too dark to notice shadows in the night,
too bleak to see the creatures braced for flight.


They stalk her every inch along the way;
she\'s forced, by will, to quicken her snail\'s pace.


At once, she feels claws gripping at her back.
A devil\'s brew in crimson, thickly flows;
and yet, the dark obliterates its path,
along her thighs to fill her mud-soaked boots.
And in this fleeting moment she is trapped.


A second creature lunges at her throat,
she gasps for breath; the larynx severed through.


No time, at all, to think about the kids,
her husband, and her futile shattered life.


The silent screams are seen within her eyes,
yet, there are none to witness her torment.


And in that nanosecond she fades to blue:
her brightest hour, as she succumbs to death.