Christopher Aaron

Lifes-a Changin’ Fur Olive Us


Whee awl war barn as chill run

‘Lil an whit no gnaw ledge

Sum whirr dot hers an sum whirr sons

Two hour God whee awl maid uh pledge


Wee wood prey two Him fur awl whee knee-did

Ann tank Him fur awl He bee stowed uh pawn-us

Sum thymes whee fur got two prey, yes we did

An fur got too give tanks... bee leave me eye’m awn nest


Az chill run whirr barn, sum suns an sum dot hers

Duh suns whirr burr rite an duh grills whirr a-burnin’

All duh guise star did whirr-king two pro-vied doll-hers

The whim-men staid home cuz day whirr steel learnin’


Sew grills, the more awl too dis storey iz sim pull

If’n ewe doan wonna werk, keep your butt her a-churnin’

Doan get too ex-heighted, bee Kwai it ann dull

If duh guise wunt ure hilp, tale ‘em your steel a-learnin’




c aaron