Eden Liat Harris – I Praise

Twenty two years ago

December twenty second,

two thousand eighteen

\"star student\" born

this papa (and most

likely thee birth mother)

initially felt ecstatic,

dramatic (yes frenetic),

and careworn

as freshly minted parents,

but gifted with a daughter,

whose existence far

more precious

than any Earthborn

rare widgets, gewgaws,

gems, et cetera, despite

evoking unsolicited,

unpleasant, and

unmanageable forlorn

communication \"dirt poor\"

living (at least ten years

of wretchedness at 1148

Greentree Lane) unable

to toot our horn,


cuz unbearable, undesirable,

unforgettable, et cetera,

and manifold challenged,

when beloved Shana

Punim evinced inborn

developmental delay,

(which severe electric

cool aid acid test

patience of this father),

much more difficult

than playing krummhorn,

now after tendering the trials

and tribulations, an

amalgamation of

poignant affects,

whereat your

permanent presence...

(must never NOT precede mine),

cuz..., I would definitely mourn,

your absence, thus felt the timely

opportunity to dash off

a birthday poem to you

in tandem with sharing,

(while comfortably numb

and figuratively licking war

torn psychological wombs) - torn

and ripped, queued,

peppered natty psyche

pockmarked with scorn

from self, (and those lives,

this dada immediately

impacted) particularly

your person roar\'n

with cumulative anger toward

this insightful fellow,

(who claims to know

what thee feel toward me),

especially when porn

hours of valuable

time, now caught

(say, eh...approximately, fraught

upon the half life of rare Earth

element Eden), not

just strictly naught

heard thru the grapevine,

but forcing Math (hew)

analysis, via meditation, poetry

writing therapy, et cetera.
- - - - - - - - -
Hence...I apologize,

asper unasked for pain wrought

thee, sans being unemployed,

demeaning \"mother Abby,\"

bumbling, horrid house

keeper (Hagrid himself,

would turn down invitation),

plus Facebook fiasco,

imbroglio, and loco

motive - complicit in behavior
- - - - - - - - -
comparable to pedophile,

yet please let me conclude

by admitting total lack

of wherewithal.