Yasu Na

Kumiko\'s Words

Kumiko was my classmate.
Her words alarmed me.

\"I like him because he has power,\" she said.

She didn\'t say that she likes power.

Her words implied that she likes a man who has power.
I caught a glimpse of her shallow thought.

Her words alarm us, for they show our laziness.

We want power.
That\'s OK.
I hope that we are all just diligent in our duties.
I think that power will follow diligence.

Now I am in charge of sending a periodic remittance to persons in power.
I sometimes remember Kumiko\'s words.
Her words alarm me again.

Although I am not lazy, I am not content with things as they are.
To work to live only peacefully doesn\'t bring me satisfaction.

Kumiko could be content to work under power.
And she would take power over in the future.

I much love solitude.
So I cannot assume leadership.
Power originates from such a person as Kumiko.
Her words continue to alarm me.