down the rabbithole

Find me there

I will love you my whole life

Clocks chime and leaves fall 

Lovers may come and fill your bed and mine

but still your arms shall belong to me

Spider webs will cast across shadowed corners of our life and catch dewdrops of truths and untruths,

below them we will lay on rose petals and ignore the webs of deceit

our love is clear as glass, just standing still in a time frame I wait for

I know you love me

One day the dust of all the shelves of time will be wiped away and we will lay on our backs and look up at the sun we forgot was there ..whilst we chased the tails of others

In heaven I can love you.

So if in this life you can not find me,

find me there

...and I can shower you with all I feel and you can be new yet still you

as I always wanted you to be