CHRIST - MASS TIME ~ A Sunday 10 4 Sonnet ~ BRIAN


C is for the CHRISTCHILD ~ Born upon this Day

H for Herald Angels ~ in the Night ...........  


CHRISTMAS is a TIME to remember

HOW & WHEN the Son of God came to EARTH !

REMEMBER the Christmas Story in the Gospels

INFANT ~ Born of a Virgin ~ in a Stable !


Then WISE MEN from the EAST

MARY understood the significance of these

Amazing Events ~ The Angels and the Gifts*

SHE praised GOD that She had been chosen

SON of GOD ~ to bear and care for ~ AMEN


Tinsel ~ Holly ~ Mistletoe ~ Trees

I know (from 35 years experience) these all

Make CHRISTMAS ~ BUT ~ The Message is ~ GOD\'s

Eternal Son ~ JESUS ~ Coming to redeem ALL OF US !


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The UNITED KINGDOM of Great Britain has a great 

Spiritual Heritage ! We have many MARTYRS and

have sent Christian Missionaries to the Four Corners

of Planet Earth !  66% of UK Citizens still believe in

A GOD (Spiritual Power) ~ OK !  However Christmas 

is becoming more & more Secular !  Christmas cards 

are no longer Spiritual ~ and even the dreaded Happy

Holiday & Cool Yule are creeping in and People joke

\"If it had been THREE WISE WOMEN ~ The would have

brought ~ Disposable Nappies ~ Babygrows and a 

Buggy able to fit in the Boot (Trunk) of a Chariot !\"

They miss the significance of the GIFTS ~ GOLD His

Sovereignty ~ FRANKINCENSE His Divinity ~ MYRRH

His Suffering on the Cross for our Redemption. 

It is also reflected in our CHRISTMAS STAMPS which

are SECULAR (an oxymoron) in the EVEN YEARS (2018)

Postal Boxes ! ~ and SPIRITUAL on the ODD YEARS !

Most people in the UK seem to embrace ~ The Joy ~

The Fun ~ Presents ~ Parties & Pastries but to sideline

the Spiritual Significance ! The Churches pull ot all the

stops !  Christingles ~ Candle lit Carol Services and

Support for the Homeless & Vunerable.  Please support

all your local Churches ~ Sally Army & YMCA @ this