Frank Prem

Small Town Kid - first review

While I was out accosting the unsuspecting shoppers of a city mall (see picture) with urgings to buy a certain stocking filler book, I was delighted to see on my smart phone  this review. I almost squealed aloud and performed a happy dance!! Thought you might like to see.







5.0 out of 5 stars A Poet\'s Walk Through His Childhood in a Small Australian Town


December 14, 2018


Format: Kindle Edition


From the dedication poem, “I Can Hardly Wait to Show You”, to “Circular Square Town”, Frank Prem\'s chronological journey from infancy to the present has a familiar feel to it; almost as if you were take a walk through your own memory lane to recall the innumerable small, but unforgettable moments that make up a life.


Frank\'s style is minimalist, with plenty of room to fill in the blanks with your own conjecture or possible parallel memories.


Written about an Australian town that was a gold-rush town in its day, it touches on those times as well as describes the landscapes there. Frank\'s work is approachable, understandable, and sensitive in its handling of the most delicate of subjects.

My favorite poems, in a book of favorites – they\'re all good! – are: “poppy cakes”, “frenki boy”, “the exuberance of my aunt”, “loss of faith”, “picnic story”, “the dawn of civilisation”, “the hallways of st. joseph\'s”, “pumpkin rock terrorists”, “a tricky place (the annual fete)”, “fight”, “sweet maureen”, “libby\'s puzzle”, “vale”, “palmer\'s not”.