I so wanted this job,
Worked so hard to get the position,
It should be my utter dream,
But now face such deep indecision.

My boss was so pleasant,
Welcomed me with open arms.
No limit to the opportunities,
To be held within my palms.

A month has now passed,
Just when I\'ve found my feet,
The true nature is now revealed.
The hard side of easy street.

To pass through my probation,
New services to offer willingly,
Every day when my boss dictates,
A call I receive so chillingly.

Nothing to do with business,
My qualities had no bearing,
The new member to the team,
For what I was or wasn\'t wearing.

Ugly eyes upon my undressed nakedness,
The first demand to shock to my core,
The next so dreaded day,
My unashamed boss to insist on more.

A self degrading sex act,
And filmed to a secret file,
For humiliation and blackmail,
Published if anger should I rile.

Day three would horribly order,
Oral sex to be performed,
And then again a second time,
Because my work had scorned.

The escalation was churningly rapid,
A pay bonus should depend,
On full sex with the individual,
And broken in to never mend.

My work has no importance,
My use is for sex alone,
An executive toy at hand,
For higher office to wittingly condone.

I am too weak to resist,
I am too meek to suspend,
Esteemed to slavish ruin,
Me too is my only defend.