Shari Todd Harris-Dunning


No acknowledgement could be
commensurate nar e\'er
equivalent to countless years (scores of orbitz
of unexplored wonder) – left...
(with millstones around neck)

to atrophy on severe truncated
limb mitts, now cause
for silent lachrymose as this
brother doth brook a wake

his pained self actualization
(particularly predicated on
decade number six
unavoidably approaching) uptake

analogous to 2001 A Space Odyssey,
when closing scene
of the film - image of embryonic
\"Starchild\" left a slake

king unshakable reverberation
Also Sprach Zarathustra
echoing in me noggin since 

opening soundtrack did quake

of a much younger self, when seeing
the movie did overtake
puzzlement until I read the book
\"aha\" awareness did make

that minor mystery resolved, and
now childhood\'s end keepsake
recalled as the time thy vulnerable
psychological state did intake

pelting asteroid storm cratering a boy
who shied away, to forsake
growing up, and now haunted (akin 

to ghost of Marley) not \"FAKE\"

shackled to an un freed spirit, that
got squelched as if a sudden brake
got jammed propelling this then puny
body electric...now doth ache.


Even though days of life lived with
(all my children now grown) ail
ling soul of stifled for want of indulging
in ordinary experiences bewail 

ling deprivation of accomplishing
healthy milestones regret a cold detail
reminding me as aging process speeded
as if an onset of late progeria fail

lings in this once skinny as twig youth,
now thinning hair bothersome - hail
yes (suspected cause underactive thyroid,
blood test will confirm), a jail

unseen by anybody even me finds spontaneity
bound from within this male,
whose counterproductive antics sought
to compensate for lost time did imp pale

and figuratively crucify myself at the
emotional expense of \"star student\" rail
ling (recent time gone by), thee (to her)
unforgivable hurt, the stuff of a true tale,

this papa does resign himself unintentional
misery untraversable unbridgeable gulf  
the expanse of a yawning Rhode Island
sized Leviathan whale.

oh...thank you for the Trader Joe\'s gift card
this dirt poor mortal doth leave ye 
with his cumulative loving re:guard
aware hiatus of estrangement (FROM ME)
the sad story of my life with mom, dad, 
two loving sisters, who tried so hard
to reach out only to be rebuffed, as well 
Abby, Eden, Shana deserving of so 

much more joy...sorry girls dada starred
and created in his own living nightmare - 
alone in a wilderness more bleak than Siberia, 
within a solo battle pierced by my
own Damoclean Sword!