Superficial Sea Soul.

Once upon a time the sapphire sea was as vibrant as the blue orchids
The hopeful colours eventually faded away whilst the mournful crows united.
Silent screams echoed in the sea shells, yet justice was still pitch black
The ruthless rush of the waves collided with my sanity, provoking corrupt flashbacks.
As I hesitantly drag my feet against the scorching sand, I drown into the strange sea
Whilst my delicate heart is erupting with fear, I continue to submerge till my lungs feel heavy.
Overflowing with the hues of blue, I try remaining afloat, however I sink into the poisonous thoughts where the unknown sea creatures lurk
Desperately gasping for air, whilst the merciless waves attack my armour, causing a mountain of havoc.
The sea creatures danced in disguise to lure me into the forbidden underworld
I saw through their deceitful veil, as if I had laser beam eyes whilst they twirled and swirled.
I witnessed them and the foul smelling thoughts playfully swimming side by side
Fragments of my heart were devoured, that\'s when they took me on an unpleasant rollercoaster ride with their heads held high they were full of pride.
Whilst the tormenting flashbacks are scattered all over the seabed, they swiftly float up to hunt me down
Wishing I was permanently numb but in the meantime I have to forcefully shutdown.
The woeful war of the waves ended the moment I heard the saviour ship calling my name
Fanticising my mothership endlessly nourishing me, it\'s nonexistence burns up in flames.
Innocent blood splattered from the shredded flesh, blended into the sea water
Whilst the blinded society continued to carelessly swim till the end of the border.
Surely they wouldn\'t desire to perceive such a shady sight?
They wouldn\'t dare to defeat the border and witness the dark side?
The courageous souls that attempt to free the spirits are suffocated and strangled by the seaweeds
As cruel sea critters swim in agonising circles, they ensure to plant the poisonous seeds.
They thrive excessively, with the branches rooted into the layers of azure, it blossoms as if the leaves are tainted memories which pollutes the holy water
By now majority of the stained sea has blackened, whilst a helpless soul is in grave danger.
Now visualise a corpse peacefully drifting back and forth along with the graceful tidal motion
Finally, the decomposed organs fused into the colourless tones of the sea, at last free from the creatures\' possession.