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The Trinity - E= mc^2 (Sonnet)

\" God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are One and the same and all three are just different forms of energy. \"



The Trinity - E= mc^2 (Sonnet) 

(Three separate or interchangeable entities under one Godhead)


where Energy = God,
mass = Jesus Christ,
Holy Spirit = (Speed of light)^2


Copyright # Pau 2-098-293 \"The Trinity,\" dated June 17, 1996
Copyright # PAu 3-141-023 \"The Trinity,\" dated August 13, 2007
© Tamara B. Latham

The ball of light that sweeps the sky may be
transformed to Energy for they are one.
We cannot look upon it maybe He
said: \'Do not look directly at the Sun.\'

And so, He came as Mass and briefly stayed
among us advocating truth and love,
then He was resurrected on that day,
transfigured to the Father high above.

We\'ll soon expire into spheres of light,
as Mass reverts back to pure Energy.
We\'ll learn why Einstein\'s formula was right,
and comprehend his depth of theory.

Each moon now formed contains the soul of one,
redeemed in revolutions \'round the Son.