Sexual Identification.

\"Lesbian\" \"Gay\" \"Bisexual\"

Why must we label our love to be conceptual

when society\'s judgemental bile is perpetual

and diminishes our affection as less than exceptional?


Terms of sexual identification 

has torn down our barriers formed through unification

causing hate and chaos throughout the nation

shooting bullets through churches and chances of rejuvenation.


How can some forget that love will always trump hate

everyone is deserving of bliss whether gay or straight

A time will come when we unite and clean the slate

that appoints human beings to a \"predestined fate\"


Where I, as a female, can swim in the depths of her ocean eyes

and can mellow myself through the vacancy of her echoing cries

Just as I can dance to his pounding heartbeats through summer\'s sunrise

and kiss his stubbled lips that make my tears flow yet crystallize.


Despite my support system and circumstance,

my heart still aches for those who\'s hearts can no longer dance

from attacks deemed from hatred and blinded glance

clouded over with the standardized interpretation of \"romance\".