Theta the scholar

Rambunctious Bunch

Too young to die and too old to care

Theta was here, he met these things that we call a teenagers, much spunk and angst radiated from these beings, Theta accepted them though for he understood that they are just angry and afraid of life all at the same time.


Rowdy and energetic these adolescents are misunderstood

At times they feel empty and sad and why they can not tell

Anxiety has struck them and they don’t want to die

They feel like the world is against them and feel that they are left deserted

They start to shout at the world so they won’t become overwhelmed

After they are done they are more calm and can now see clearer

I am glad they shout instead of taking it out on themselves and starting knife streaks

For these people are just lost in their minds and in woe they are buried

For they shout at their demons and the world until the day is done