If My Words Should Stray

I dedicate my writing,

to the Lord,

each and every day.

I try my best,

to write down on paper,

some things I cannot say.

Still, what if my writings should stray,

which I pray never happens?

What if they go,

from being dedicated to the Lord,

to being more secular on accident?

This is not one of my best pieces,

but it is something to think about.

Would people think,

I was faking the whole time,

just because my thousands of poems,

were not all devout?

I know I should not be anxious.

No one is perfect at all.

I know I am wrong,

but I sometimes get nervous,

that I might loose the Lord\'s call.

I know Jesus will love me,

no matter what.

I feel it all the time.

So I write to him,

and try to do right by him.

As for now...

I am doing fine.