Heather Harrisson


So tired of hurting,
When nothing\'s actually wrong.
So fed up feeling,
Weak instead of strong.

So done with wishing,
I could do more than I do.
So over hoping,
This will go away soon.

So finished hating,
My body and mind.
So sick of thinking,
I\'m stuck in a bind.

So far from knowing,
I\'ll be fine tomorrow.
So bored of waiting,
For end to this sorrow.

So far past caring,
If I laugh or cry.
So often wanting,
Simply to die.

So drained of trying,
To get my life on track.
So lost in problems,
That cut me no slack.

So worn out aiming,
For better life ahead.
So broken down,
Always crying on my bed.

For a body that works,
And a mind that wont betray,
For a better life,
Or just a better day.
Honestly I\'d give anything,
For just one hour without pain,
But instead I sit here aching,
As I try to work again.