Poetic Dan

We are all on this show

Of course it\'s entertainment

Why didn\'t I just see it before

You are here for mine

As I am here for yours

Hurry up and do something

We\'re all waiting for you

I\'ll tell you what happens next

If you show me what to do

See by playing our own game

We\'ll all get to the unknown

In the imaginings expanding

From lifes reality show

So no matter what happens

Know you was a part of it all

The madness of what is

Nothing and everything so small

The stardust in future

The soil from the past

You can say it is all random

Given everything by chance

Maybe it\'s a battle of wits

Only the strong will ever last

Just use all that breath

That\'s the payment to get pass

We\'re all Kings & Queens

Adventuring through the stars

We all deserve awards

For being who we are