My Death

I can\'t take this anymore

I ruin everything

My relationships

I\'m turning 17 in 2 days

I might have gotten my mom in trouble by accident

I can\'t take this

I caused my best friend pain

My mom pain

I am alone now

Family doesn\'t want me anymore

I\'m too much trouble

I try so damn hard to stay out of the way and cause as little trouble as possible

I\'m ending it

I\'m ending the pain

The suffering

The agony

The night of my birthday will be my death

I can\'t handle this anymore

My death will be messy

I won\'t hang

I won\'t overdose

Won\'t shoot a gun at myself


I want to make myself hurt until the very end

I want to slice my wrists open as deep as possible

Feel the burning and blood pouring out

That will be it

My death