the pain you feel isn\'t just physical. its emotional. and its also mental. you feel like you cant go on with your life. sometimes you feel like a failure as a wife. the reactions from others sometimes are what set it off. are you sure? are you positive? i don\'t think that you did. who would lie when it comes to having a kid? who would lie about losing a baby inside? everywhere you go the pain is still there. it sometimes lasts a day. that seems easy. but sometimes it lasts for 3, im sorry about the feeling. i know exactly what goes through your mind. was it something i ate? something i drank? exercise to much? didn\'t do it enough? was i depressed to much? was it the stress? honey there wasn\'t anything you did wrong, or possibly could have done. you just have to tell yourself it wasn\'t the one. it wasn\'t the right time. just go on with your life. it\'ll be hard i know that\'s true. but baby girl remember you do you. don\'t let life bring you down, but let it build you back up. and next time life will surprise you with one more gift of love.