Visions of Shraavana

Clearly, definitively, forming from a glimmer in the past enlightening my mind’s eye.


Then in a moment in time, we conjoin once more. My vision to reality formed. 


The sea was calling. The gods were dancing in the waves. We spoke of them. Swimming into the dark of Naga Panchami across the cove. Lost in time. 


Within a cave at sunrise, I called out to the transcendental plane. Foretold of floating down a river with you by my side in paradise. In eden we reside.


Hands to heart and mind. Watching as we say goodbye. Ripping off the teat. Tasting ambrosia endlessly for weeks upon weeks. 


Sharing love in its purest form, untainted. Speaking of existence; a meditation on the righteous.


You say I frequent you in the astral realm. I hope to see you there once more.