Sad Song

Do anything I need to 

Just to get you off my mind

But honestly, I never

Wanted to leave you behind 

I try to fill the void 

With fake friends and bullshit

Try anything to numb the pain

But nothing seems to cure it

I\'m stuck behind this cloud of smoke

Right where you left me

Now I dont know how to stay afloat

Without you with me

And ever since we\'ve been apart

You\'re just another sad song

Stuck in my heart

I\'d pray for you to love me

But I don\'t know where to begin

And even with luck on my side 

I know I\'d never win

Any of your silly games

The push and pull you like to play

But now I\'m strong enough to say


I\'m better off without you

Don\'t need you anymore 

Everything is clear now 

What I couldn\'t see before 

And even though I\'m over you 

And we\'ve grown apart 

You\'ll always be the same sad song

Stuck in my heart