Hidden emotion

Late night thoughts

Why does my life not matter 

I put all my energy to other people 

And get repaid by being ignored when I need love 

I hate being lied too 

I hate lying 

I hate life 

And that’s what happens when you’re a fuck up 

And it’s not right what I’m doing 

But I can’t stop 

When I’m hurt I’m hurt 

And when I’m hurt I hurt people 

Never intentionally 

I don’t want to hurt anyone else 

Maybe I should just hurt my self and no one else would get hurt 

Yeah they would for alittle but they will get over it 

I’m nothing but the black sheep in the family 

My whole life I was compared with other people 

I was always told I’ll never do anything 

Maybe there right 

Maybe their wrong 

I don’t know 

As simple as one bullet one jump one kick of a chair one slice..and it’s over 

It’s the easiest thing to do...yet I can’t 

I hate hurting people and I hate being hurt 

But I keep doing both 

Maybe I’ll be free 

Free from this hell 

Free from the stress 

I knew it wasn’t a mistake 

Why did I call people 

Why did they have to answer 

I wish I just fucking did it 

I should just do it 

Why do I think that everything i do is art 

It’s shit 

Like my life 

Thinking it’s great 

It’s not 

I hate it 

I should just quit 

I don’t know what I should do anymore 

My brain isn’t my brain anymore 

It’s not me in my head and I don’t know why I love it so much 

I love how low I feel because when I feel normal i feel great 

But never say it gets better 

It doesn’t 

It never will 

I’m telling you 

Please listen to me