The Unsettling

I’ve been told to temper my intent, my joy of each breathe I have left, my desires, my aggression so I can become deserving of love.


Be a pretender of sorts. Seriousness hidden. Love hidden. Passion hidden. Inquiries hidden. 


Make yourself tolerable for a tolerable person. Pathetically intolerable. The ego was not created for my worship.


My whole life is practicing practicing. I’ve practiced enough. 


The art of detachment living between the moments of sound.


Why settle when I can stand?


Life’s a dispersion - when the clay settles your dead. The water is stagnant.


I am thoroughly unsettled.


Free glimmery dispersion rich with pyrite and quartz.  


So alone I will stand. In love with the freedom of my mind with the ghost of time infinity to hold my hand.