What Happen With Lynette?

I am over it now,

and have been for a while.

Now I can say,

what happened with Lynette,

and what she did,

that was so vile.

For years I loved her,

and I thought that she loved me.

She seemed to be excited,

when I gave her,

an engagement ring.

Both of us,

were filled with joy,

as we would think about,

the wedding,

but neither of us knew,

what any of us,

were getting.

As soon as we were married,

nothing seemed to go right.

There was no,


We never saw eye to eye.

I had to find out,

by putting the pieces together,

to see how long,

our love was a lie.

To make a long,

story short,

she was with,

another guy.

I told her that,

we should seperate,

and I left without,

so much as saying,

even a goodbye.


Still, such is life.

It was for the best.

Imagine if I stayed.

It was during,

our seperation,

that I truely became saved.

I hoped now that,

she is doing well.

Years later she posted,

Her and her newborn child.

So I suppose,

I\'ll close that chapter,

and put that one,

in the rejection pile.