Joseph M Marion

Dedicated to the poets and writers and their lyricist

It\'s poetry:-------

It is it,

it\'s evanescence,

it\'s culmination of all thought,

it\'s life sentence,

it\'s Infinite words,

it\'s a blind guide to an ancient enigma,

it\'s inaccessible and accessible secret,

it\'s an argument of dynamicreation decisions,

its an argument of great in decisions,

it\'s were we can raise and lower the values,

it\'s small,

it\'s large,

it\'s unaware,

it\'s seamless,

it\'s unstitched,

it\'s breathless,

it\'s in tatters,

it\'s forget- forgetfulness,

it\'s separate from it\'s self,

it\'s mind,

it\'s body,

it\'s soul,

it\'s what\'s completely left out,

it\'s what\'s completely left in,

it\'s purposely,

it\'s Unpurposely,

it\'s emptying without exhausting ,

its constraint to the remote,

to the not yet,

to the not now,

to the not here,

to the not there,

to the not before,

to the neither,

to the either,

to the not after,

to the nor not now,

to the nor not ever,

to the breeching,

it\'s burn and give birth to new unfounded vocabulary,

it\'s being there multiplied by not being there,

it\'s remembering being there,

it\'s not being there,

it\'s like your mind,

it\'s like your body

it\'s like your soul,

we are definitely one of a kind,

it\'s a understanding about anything in life

but a misunderstanding to,

it\'s infinite importance,

it\'s intersection,

it\'s interjection,

it\'s intersession,

it\'s intermittence,

it\'s interruption,

it\'s a low blow,

it\'s upper cuts and who knows how much or how hard,

it\'s entrances and hypnotized,

it\'s infusion and transfusion,

it\'s memory of what is not,

it\'s what must be,

it\'s what is,

it\'s what could be or definitely not,

it\'s the combination of illuminating self,

it\'s the self as an incomplete as the universe,

it\'s sever to be completed infinite universe,

it\'s tying—untying,

it\'s the ritual scene of

infinite uncertainty, 

it\'s a streak,

it\'s a swerve

it\'s a play,

it\'s a spade,

it\'s a crib,

it\'s a cradle,

it\'s a sewing needle,

it\'s the indistinction of the Indeterminable,

it\'s any item,

it\'s about anything,

it\'s ash,

it\'s diagonal,

it\'s stiffened and laziness,

it\'s your mind resting in neutral and wandering,

it\'s words from the branchs of the tree of the knowledge,

it\'s good and evil,

it\'s terrorism in right and unright to its own self,

it\'s beliefs and disbelieves,

it\'s terror in the depths of history,

it\'s terror the depths of your soul,

it\'s liberated from knowing and unknowing,

it\'s escape from the knowledge,

it\'s skipping the knowledge,

it\'s skipping the mechanics of everything,

it\'s knowing the mechanics of everything,

it\'s into repetitive,

it\'s obsessive,

it\'s is spiritual,

it\'spiritual of strictness,

it\'s obligation,

of rhyme,

of number,

of essence,

almost anything,

the start of zero time and in(de)finite degree,



a potential  threat,




almost everything that is everything less what it really is,

it\'s perfection crossed with

Imperfection making it acceptable,

it\'s apprehensive,

it\'s counter and encounter

it\'s spontaneous and predestined,

it\'s  unconscious and conscious behavior encompassing all behavior,

it\'s transitioning to thought,

it\'s real and unrealistic thought,

it\'s a constant and unconstant and perpetuated ring between impulse and obsession,

it\'s aggression,

it\'s aggravation,

it\'s write is toc cut and slits all barriers,

it\'s productive and unproductive,

it\'s  to point out fragments in the curtain of life,

it\'s a fight against the night,

its night against the night,

it\'s day against day,

a positive voice,

it\'s a negative voice,

it\'s friction against body and  mind,

its thought of the mind and bodies action of,

it\'s this and that

and how it should be,

it\'s how it should never be,

it is smashing,

it\'s shattering,

it\'s shaking,

it\'s a clash between thought and strength, restraint

that tends to erase each other or modify each other,

it\'s reread it a million times,

its rewrite it million times,

it\'s we are truly

infinitely a mad bunch,

we are all human,

we all have feelings,

we are look differently,

we all come from different backgrounds and ethnicities,

we all were born at dififfrent times and years as well as places,

we all express it differently,

there are no right or wrong answers,

The one thing that bind us all together are there words in which we write upon the colorful canvas of life,

there are no right or wrong ways to write the poems,stories,lyrics, but I am honored to be here amongst best writers so I can learn from the knowledge in which life has taught them, so I may form my own footsteps upon the sands of life,

it\'s ramble inside the mind that manifestation of Universal thought to the  pen and its relationship to anywhere to scribble,

to ingest to my satisfaction,

knowledgeof all senses from as many people as I can, and to where I can write my best, this is part of my life quest.


Thank you to all