Heather Harrisson

I don\'t understand

How did this all go so differently?

Why can’t I do what they ask of me?

They beg and they plead,

Be the person we need,

But I fail and give up so easily.


I wanted to be someone great,

To never know anyone’s hate,

But I crashed and I burned,

Losing all that I yearned,

And now I must accept my fate.


I thought that I could do good,

Help others the way that I should,

I offered help to friends,

Who all left in the end,

So I guess I just misunderstood.


I wanted to be liked and welcome,

I didn’t expect such venom,

From the friends I held dear,

They attacked without fear,

Thrusting my life into bedlam.


I feel such a failure now,

I suppose I just didn’t know how,

To do what they wanted,

It seemed so distorted,

So I’ll manage alone, somehow.