I care

All this time I\'ve spent,

all the lies I\'ve told,

all the pain I\'ve gone through,

all the time I\'ve spent,

was for you.

You think I don\'t care,

but you clearly don\'t know the definition.

I may have a mind of stone,

but I have a heart of glass.

I leave myself here in pieces letting you put them back together,

to only find out you are the one who broke it.

You can\'t see how I care,

I sat on the phone till 2am,

I let you put your head on my shoulder,

I let you talk to me.

You are so much more,

and I\'ve gotten over you to only hear you say that I don\'t care about you.

I thought I couldn\'t get hurt anymore,

but pain is real.

You waste my time to say you care about me,

you tell me don\'t be a hero,

you say that you almost loved me,

You say I was the one.

You say stay for 3 minutes,

3 minutes turns into 3 hours.

I just wish I never met you.

I try and try daily to forget,

but I can\'t.

You don\'t want me to be alone,

but its nothing new.

You think I don\'t care,

I use hours of my day to talk to you,

I\'ve told you everything about me,

I ask you daily how was your day,

I ask you how you are doing,

I ask you if there is anything I can do,

I ask you if I can try to help,

I lie to my blood to go near you,

I don\'t lie.

But it goes to show how much I care.

You are so smart,

you are so pretty,

you are so witty,

so funny,

so fake.

Your mask is small,

I see past it,

Trophy collector,

I can\'t believe you,

I just don\'t understand.

There is so much I want to say,

but its inaudible.

You can\'t use words,

so you use songs.

I listen and they are all the same.

You are depressed?

But you can\'t say?

Pity is it not?

How you try to talk to me and tell me how you feel,

but you don\'t even have the courage to tell me directly?

You are not as strong as many think.

You are crying right now,





how can I be so gullible?

I thought you cared,

you said you cared,

all I hear now is the tongue of a perjurer.

I try so hard,


But I can\'t prove I care,

I can\'t say my actual feelings.

Here\'s a note for you to take:

open your eyes,

look at me,

look at my effort,

look at my passion,

and truly think.

He does care.