Mottakeenur Rehman

I Wait For You

In every way I looked for you 

In every fiery expectation 

I caught you in touch

And in verse since then untill the end

I will wait for you 

Forever and ever,it will never over.


Letting up the dawn chorus to the past

Increasing the beauteous blueness of vast 

Yellow-billed Egret,Little Cormonant and the others as well

The flocks of the beautiful variegated birds

Have all come back together to their nest.

The cattle at the gateway of evening

Hovering the dust of their feet 

Come back to their own shed.

Each and every soul thus become thirst and fast

Taking the massenger boxes of heart

The morning going buses come back to the former stop.


No no.. for whom my eyes wait

Has not caught yet

Embracing the disgrace of life

For whom I count the countless days

Has not come back yet!