Joanna Garrido

Daughter of Wessex

Heroine extraordinaire

I loved you then 

and love you still

Hardy’s daughter of Wessex


Pure, innocence shone

Mistreated by men

Your fresh faced beauty



Forced upon

Mother of misery

Buried child

Without a name


Angel your saviour

So good a man as he

Your one true love

Married you in bliss


So good a man as he

Abandoned you

On your wedding night

Ears closed to your truth


You worked the land

A survivor

Harsh winter toil

Chilled to the bone


He claimed you 

He who forced you

And in your abandonment

A weak moment of chill


Good Angel reconsidered

Years away, his health poor

Returned to find you

Too late


In cold hatred 

he who forced you 


as you snapped


I can see you now

Cold as Winter’s smile

On the slabs of Stonehenge

As they came for you


My favourite 





4/2/19 JG