Joanna Garrido

Save the Elephant 🐘

Savannas under burning gold

Africa’s finest roam 

A normal day here to enfold

A heat drenched place called home


The largest families Matriarch led

Live out ‘neath burning rays

Thick skin, over grassland tred

Safe in numbers, sun-filled days


At least that’s how it ought to play

But man has other plans

To kill or maim, take tusks away

For ivory, money in their hands


Asia trades in ivory 

Her head should bow in shame

Poachers paid successfully

 No questions asked, cruel game


For every orphaned calf that cries

Was 2 years in the making

For every death neath Blood Red skies

For ivory they’re taking.


Don’t buy ivory is my plea

Stand together, ban the blood

Save the elephants living free

Not mourn where mighty, they once stood.


JG 10/02/19