Supper Scenes - Mark\'s Gospel (18)

Tune: Leibster Jesu

(\'Dearest Jesu, we are here\')

Mark 14 v.22-31


Jesus, Supper instituted

Simple gifts of wine and of bread

Took bread, blessed it, and did give

It to disciples, they ate, live

Bread of life, His body broken

For us here be the sure token


And He took the cup of wine

It would symbolise His blood fine

New testament blood it is

Which is shed for many, true this

Though Jesus no more would drink wine

\'Til He drinks in kingdom divine


They did sing a hymn, and then

Went to Mount of Olives, was when

Jesus said, you all shall be

Offended this night, \'tis writ, see

\'I will smite he shepherd, and sheep

Shall be scattered, not with Him keep\'


But when He has rose again

They shall see in Galilee then

Him, the risen Lord, though they

There said from Him they would not stray

But He knew they would not do so

Though they said with Him they would go


Would go even unto death

Share with Him in gasping last breath

And He knew that Peter would

Deny Him thrice, and that it should

Be before cockerel crow twice

It be too great  for them, the price