Why Reading Kindles Brio

Aye admit, an author\'s adept
and adroit mastery
to link words together subtly crept
(expressing contents
in a matter of fact

understandable fashion, except
for dissertations and/or kept
jargon for exclusive specialty)
posits, that my wordy verbosity,
revelation, viz \"EUREKA\" suddenly leapt

administers cerebral, harmful
offal psychological usury
verdict I accept
fomenting gobbledygook concept
might create notion, yours truly inept,

plus incorporating confessional backswept
facets of writerly person,
as sigh nearly wept
(drafting previous poem,
sans book review

like an emotional bit torrent windswept
\"And I Don\'t Want
to Live This Life\" anchored in concept,
qua raw maternal did severely intercept
the motherly bond Deborah Spungen

felt toward zombified miskept
incorrigibly, horribly, grievously...
tormented first born
or momentenous insept

begetting impregnation and early labor

Nancy Laura Spungen since birth,
perhaps seeped when aye slept

into nooks and crannies of subconscious,
though one could breeze thru said book

such evocative anguish left
me numbly bereft, yet acutely aware
to vicariously experience devastating agony!