This is the tale of the once sweet loving preacher man:

At least that is what the country folks called him, Sweet Loving preacher Man

Traveling all over the land, spreading love where he can.

Because women simply loved the sweet loving preacher man;

Women craved, they gave and prayed for the love of

The Sweet Loving Preacher Man

Spreading love all over the Land.

Taking every man woman by the sleight of his hand. 

They called him, that sweet loving preacher man.

Loving women throughout the land; Sweet Loving, sweet loving preacher man.

Women left home under the tent to be healed by the sweet loving preacher man.

Armed with his master plan, taking women from their man, the spell of the the

Sweet Loving preacher Man

They say give us this sweet loving preacher man, following him throughout wander land;

Because he has the master plan every woman\'s preacher man

Spreading his love throughout the land because he is the sweet loving preacher man

Preaching the power of the sleight of hand, this sweet loving preacher man.

Capturing prey in his deceptive net. Women follow as he beck, come let us rest

With the best sweet, sweet loving preacher man spreading love all over the land. - By Jimmy Walker