Denial Discourse - Mark\'s Gospel (19)

Tune: Tallis\' Evening Hymn

(\'All praise to thee, my God this night\')

Mark 14 v.66-72


Peter did Christ deny, \'tis true

A maid said, Yes, I do know you

You too were with Jesus, confess

Jesus of Nazareth no less


But he denied, said, I know not

Nor do I understand just what

You say, and then the cockerel crew

He with Jesus had nought to do


Another maid did see him there

And said, You with Jesus did share

But he denied again, I know

Him not, this is the fact, \'tis so


A little later those gathered

There said to Peter, We assured

You are a disciple, for you

Are Galilean, it is true


For your speech, accent, shows you such

But Peter did curse and swear much

Denying Christ, I Him not know

This be my witness, it is so


Then the cockerel did crow again

Peter he did remember when

Jesus said to him, Cockerel twice

Shall crow [be]\'fore you deny me thrice


Then he did think upon that word

That he had sure from Jesus heard

And went out and did bitter weep

Shepherd was denied by a sheep