Christopher Aaron







When “friends” make fun: “You’re not like us!”

And blurt: “Old-fashioned! Prude!”

Because your dress hangs past the knee

“It shows us you’re square, dude!”


When they comment about your weight

And how you need to lose;

Do they say things about your folks?

With words do they abuse?


Try not to let this bother you

I know, it might be hard

Some do not think before they speak

They’ll catch you off your guard


Remember! You’re a child of God

And you are of great worth

No matter what the people say

You are of noble birth


Hold high your head, and keep your smile

This way, you will avert

The sticks and stones, the broken bones

Their words will never hurt


The key is: Maintain self-control

You be the one to act

Don’t let their thoughtless words of scorn

Provoke you to re-act


A soft answer turns a-way wrath

King Sol-o-mon once said

It’s better that you bite your tongue

And show how well you’re bred


Don’t be concerned with getting back

You need to learn to bear

With all the trials and rude remarks;

Just say a little prayer


And ask forgiveness for each one

Who tries to do you in

They will be judged for what they say

And you, for what you’ve been!




c aaron