If I had To Be HOnest

If I had to be honest about loving you

Then here\'s what I would say


Loving you is like waiting for the moon to rise

Loving you is seeing the storm in your eyes

Loving you makes me realize life isn\'t fair

Made me realize the love we have is rare


Loving you makes me think I have a soul mate

And yet you always say to not tempt fate

Loving you is dangerous, exhilarating, and crazy

Made most of our days pass by and leave me hazy


I asked what loving me was like and all you did was smile

\"Loving you is like chasing after the moon, loving you is worthwhile\"

\" Loving you is like watching the sun and moon

Realizing 75 years to touch is too late but not a moment too soon\"


To be honest, loving you was everything and nothing

It was worth to little and worth too much

Loving you is not knowing what\'s next


And at the same time we\'d say

Loving you is being true

But also having no clue what to do

Loving is saying we\'ll last forever anyway


If i had to be honest about loving you

I\'d say our love is and was true

That you were and are my soul mate

And continue to tempt fate