You are not the one who played the game.

You are not the one who fell into the clouds.

You didn\'t cry, you didn\'t try.

You held none of the shame.

Left with no shrouds.

Your heart didn\'t buy a one way ticket to me.

Your thoughts didn\'t float above your head.

You didn\'t act a fool, you didn\'t lose your cool.

You scattered a load of love seeds,

Spit on them, and fled.

I was a lofty loser for digging into your dirt.

I sailed through your false smiles.

I swam across your deep eyes, only to end in vacated skies

Wore my folly as an over sized shirt.

Never sought other styles. 

I languished waiting for a closer seat at your play.

Demure burned by your dragon-like, smoke-filled flame.

I learned the words to your song, realized it was me who had to be strong.

Spoke until there was nothing left to say. 

Spelled out the end with letters all the same.