Giving The Gospel - 1 Thessalonians Series (2)

Tune: Doncaster

(\'Put thou thy trust in God\')

1 Thessalonians 2 v.8-13 part


Share affectionately

The gospel, so it be

Imparted to those who it need

And so on Christ shall feed


With labour and travail

And with grace do not fail

To share the gospel, teach and preach

That each soul it shall reach


Living holy, devout

So then there be no doubt

Of a true witness, and justly

Live, unblameable be


Exhort, comfort, and charge

And reap a harvest large

Of souls, to join Christ\'s family

That each salvation see


It is not words only

Of men\'s* fraternity (* mankind\'s)

But the gospel it is e\'er true

The word of God anew