You Set Me Free


When I am feeling down
And the stress of life gets to me
I say your name out loud
And your laughter comforts me.

When I look out my window
And see the Earth and Heaves meet
I hear the wind whisper
Softly as I plea.

When I hear your voice
As the echo travels free
Your closeness gives me hope
That you still remember me.

You’re now stardust
And your soul is free
You’re not limited by our senses
I feel your presence close to me. 

You’re in Heaven looking down
As you clearly smile at me
Please bring back my innocence
To let my sadness flee.

You are not limited by time
Or the places we have seen
You’re in everything and everywhere 
Let your wisdom humble me.

I\'m stuck here a bit longer
You\'re just ahead of me
Let your light be my guide
To the place I need to be.

Once you show me the way
Let our friendship follow me
Cause your love is the only truth
That I will ever need.