school systems

people always bid me a fair congratulation,

saying i will make it to see graduation.

get good grades, study at my school,

get into college, my life is so cool!


but lately i don\'t know what to do anymore,

in class i have mastered every common core.

learning is just another repeating loop,

and class is another wild chicken coop.


i don\'t even know where to attend for college,

why are we only defined by classroom knowledge?

why is it the way to know who is worse or who is better,

is to associate a student with a rank or a letter?


i was told about the men that made world flights,

but i was never taught my human rights!

teachers speak about the troops of the greek,

but i am clueless on how to help the poor or weak!

i learned about mountains and faraway hills,

but how the hell will i handle my first house bills?

a million and one equations to benefit me?

because clearly there is zero benefit from what i can see.


im tired of being pushed and i am not being rude,

im tired of wasting time and receiving attitude.

i try to understand but have no luck,

this is why i think school systems suck.