Circa February 28th, 1968 - The Former Leiper Estate


Soon after our family settled
into the sprawling estate
named \"Glen Elm\" approximate
half century old from date
mentioned in title, said treasure
rosy Gypsy foretold fate

Harriet Harris, (daughter
of Antebellum Rebecca great
Kuritsky - Brooklyn transplanted
Southern Belle), create
head \"FAKE\" story, whereby

former did absquatulate

with jack of all trades (Boyce
Brandon Harris) too late
above named ramshackle

mansion, they remained mate
to each other til death did
thee mum part, congratulate

sans, her high school chums
felt envious - girls did rate
papa (now octogenarian widower)

most handsome (master) bait,
whose smarts earning advanced
degree applying his pate

as mechanical engineer for
General Electric did satiate
penchant solving complex

mathematical equations tete
a tete for super intelligent
entrepreneurial fella alleviate

head real passion rehabilitating
derelict property, allocate
ting leisure time resuscitating

neglected homes ameliorate
head procreative itch practically
rebuilding this did animate

dad\'s profuse true calling
spending hours fame did anticipate
(though papa quite modest,

and other people gushed appreciate
ting self taught revitalizing
unseen hidden gem and to articulate

unique artistic flair himself
as taskmaster masterpieces intimate
ting creations nobody, but

himself could imagine brilliance pate
drew forth unbelievable
enhancements doppelganger did berate

rarely could family, friends,
strangers...do more than capitulate
with ceaseless praise always

adding final touches to captivate
most flattering aura, charisma,
karma (credit) perfectly calibrate

head aesthetic qualities even
shabbiest building communicate
ting magic touch of, who plied

blood, sweat and tears culminate
ting in unbelievable transformation
particularly, how to designate

ideal amount of appeal to abode
came to screeching halt dissipate
head after mum passed, and papa\'s

raw talent earned thru educate

ting himself, no amount of inborn
inherent blueprints did illustrate
native bent, BUT no new life could
resurrect demise of his queen soulmate!