Tears to America: Wrote for a friend


I am younger than eight years old
I hear bullets over my head.
Boom Boom Bang
As I try to go to bed.
It was a normal thing in a war zone.
\"Stop Please\"!
I heard people plead.
\"No more Violence!
No more Kill!
We have children don\'t you see?\"
The Capital of Pakistan
Where the Chinese and French took control.
The place where their armies took so many souls.
\"When will we be free?
When can we leave?
Lord please help me.\"


Eight years old, and we win the lottery
But it wasn\'t money that was at stake,
We won our freedom,
Our freedom to the Land Of Ten A Thousand Lakes.
The lord was on our side
That is why we survived,
It wasn\'t luck that saved us from this homicide.
Rochester Minnesota, Its so cold
Its no where near like the place we call home.
and we see this white stuff fall from the sky.


Fast forward a few years I\'m a happy guy
Nobody knows the memories that I put aside,
Just my family and I.
I\'m a man I shall not Cry,
I would call my self a young alcoholic,
This smile is my disguise.
Living everyday remembering what happen
Watching Americans and how they are so supplied,
Wasteful in the way they are living their lives.


Now I am older in my teenage years,
I\'m still hurting but drinking helps me not shed a tear,
I remember that I am blessed but I still feel fear.
They both flow through my blood.
Both emotions that will not fold.
I met my dad when I was Sixteen years old
My actions he did not approve,
He struck me when he saw all the alcohol I consumed
He struck me because it was my body that was being abused.
It was a sin to pollute
But he had no right he didn\'t know me, so I sat back and resumed.


As I got older the memories were still there
I\'m in my early twenties waking up in a hospital bed
But not one tear was shed.
I must stay strong
I must be grateful I am not dead.
Too many drugs were in my veins
I overdosed it was almost the end,
I think its time I Change my ways
I think its time I plan ahead
I think it\'s time to start a new system
I think its time I stop being distant.


Both my friends died my years in Minnesota,
Both times I expressed my emotions
Both times I was threatened of a demotion.
You\'re a man you should not cry
You\'re a man you must not be that guy.
All these years just to realize they were wrong.
All these years being stuck in a crate,
Just because I am a man does not mean I should not have that trait.
I want to do be great,
I want to clear this slate.
I want a family
There is no more time to wait,
That\'s why I woke up and now I\'m getting my priorities straight.